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Successful inauguration event held for GibMed, Gibraltar’s first private hospital

On Thursday 9th November, GibMed International Hospital – the first private hospital in Gibraltar – was officially launched.

The event was reported on by Gibraltar’s public service broadcaster, GBC, which drew attention to the fact that our facility includes an MRI scanner. This means that most Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) patients who require such a scan will no longer need to travel into Spain for this service.

But what else should prospective users of our private hospital know about our MRI scanning capabilities, as well as about the broader variety of services we will be providing on the Rock?

The MRI scanner attracted an enormous amount of attention at our inauguration event

GibMed International Hospital is situated on the second floor of the ICC Building at Casemates Square, Main Street, where the GHA’s primary care centre was formerly based.

The MRI scanner – Gibraltar’s first – sits in a new Diagnostic Imaging Department, and those who are referred to our facility for examination may well discover this machine’s impressive sophistication for themselves.

MRI stands for “magnetic resonance imaging”, which is a medical imaging technique that creates detailed images of the body’s organs and tissues, drawing upon strong magnetic fields and radio waves. It is a non-invasive imaging technology that allows for in-depth three-dimensional anatomical images to be produced, without the use of ionising radiation.

We strive to provide the most pleasant and supportive possible experience for patients who undergo examination with the use of our GE 3T MRI scanner. We provide in-ear or over-ear headphones according to the preference of the patient, and we can play the music of their choice during their scan.

Patients are also able to wear their own clothes during the scan, provided that they remove any metal items. Indeed, our team has a handheld device that they can use to check a patient before they enter, in order to make sure they do not have anything that is unallowed.

There is also special lighting in the MRI room. Our team can talk to the patient while they are in the room, and let them know how much longer there is to wait until the scan is completed, in addition to providing any other information, advice, and/or reassurance that the patient may require.

We can give you the assurance of a truly patient-centred service

As instrumental as our MRI scanner is set to be in helping to diagnose conditions, plan treatments, and support the wellness of Gibraltar residents, our hospital also makes available a range of other services across such specialities as imaging and diagnostics, digestive health, orthopaedic surgery, heart and lung health, and many more.

To learn more about any of our care centres’ areas of expertise and to discuss the patient-centred service that we can provide in relation to your own concern, please do not hesitate to contact us, so that one of our representatives can quickly get back to you.