Our eyes are just as unique as our fingerprints, therefore we all individually require specific, personalised eye treatment and support.

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The Eye Clinic at GibMed International Hospital is led by Dr Keti Pachkoria, a fully accredited Consultant Ophthalmologist registered with the British and Spanish General Medical Councils and the Gibraltar Medical Registration Board. Dr Keti focuses on delivering the very best, customised eye care to all her patients, many of whom are concerned about finding the safest eye treatments using the latest technology.

The eye service at GibMed International Hospital includes investigation and treatment for the following areas/conditions:

Dr Keti Pachkoria is a Consultant Eye Surgeon specialising in private cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, medical retinal problems and glaucoma. Although she performs all the above treatments/surgeries at the , she currently carries out the following treatments/surgeries in Spain:

  • Cataract/Clear lens removal surgery
  • Glaucoma/SLT and PI Laser
  • YAG laser (cleaning of intraocular lens)

Consultations regarding all the above problems are available at the , more information about these can also be found on Dr Pachkoria’s website.

Dr Pachkoria will be with you throughout all your eye care and treatment, discussing all the possible options. Surgery and treatment is performed by Dr Pachkoria herself who will also see you at  postoperative appointments to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the outcome of your operation.

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