Our Mental Health Service includes the areas of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology and Behaviour Therapy.

Our Mental Health Service is delivered by Psychiatrist, Dr Javier Quintero; Clinical Psychologists, Dr Karen Surridge and Dr Louise Barber; and Behaviour Therapist, Demelza Wall. All are highly experienced in their individual fields.

Psychiatry is a medical speciality which focuses on the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health conditions. It deals with understanding and addressing the complexities of the human mind, exploring factors that affect mental health, and providing interventions to promote well-being and improve the quality of life for individuals experiencing mental health challenges. Psychiatrists are trained initially as doctors in medicine, hence they have an understanding of the majority of other medical specialities. Following a selective examination, they have further specialised in Mental Health, and are therefore able to diagnose and treat mental health conditions, including prescribing medication when required, as well as using other therapeutic techniques to assist their patients in managing mental health conditions.

Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology which primarily focuses on assessing and understanding a broad spectrum of psychological difficulties. Clinical psychologists are trained professionals who work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds to help them better understand and manage their problems. They employ various evidence-based techniques and interventions, including different therapy methods, to deal with problems which may include emotional, family and social situations as well as physical health issues.

Behaviour Therapy helps children and their families and others involved in their care to promote positive behaviour and reduce and limit unwanted behaviour.

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