A woman’s health is a very personal matter, at the GibMed International Hospital we provide complete discretion and a sympathetic approach.

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At the GibMed International Hospital we offer three levels of assessment.

These are:

  • Cardiovascular and Lifestyle Check,
  • Well Woman Health Check
  • Well Woman Plus Health Check.

Our most commonly requested female package is the Well Woman Health Check, prior to the appointment you will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire providing detailed information about your past medical history.

The package includes the following services:

  • An initial, one-hour examination session with a female GP.
  • Height and weight, waist and hip measurements (to calculate BMI, height / waist ratio and body fat composition.
  • Blood pressure assessment plus the information required to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) and cardiovascular risk for the next 5 to 10 years.
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory examination.
  • Breast examination.
  • Abdominal and gynaecological examination (including cervical smear).
  • If indicated, vaginal swabs may be taken.
  • Blood tests including Full Blood Count, Total Cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, Liver Function Tests and Urea and Creatinine (kidney function).
  • A stool test to detect blood (screening for early bowel cancer).
  • Urine analysis to check for blood, glucose or protein.

Once the results are available you will be invited to attend for a second consultation during which your results will be discussed and you will receive a full written report provided.

During the second consultation appropriate lifestyle advice and medical recommendations are discussed and if necessary further tests or treatments recommended.

The Well Woman Plus package offers everything above plus additional tests which include Spirometry (Breathing tests), Thyroid Function Tests, Pituitary / Ovarian function tests (LH and FSH blood levels).

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